VARIETY OF PRODUCTS Green Shoots Corona Virus PPE Full Body Suit Green Shoots Yongrow New Set Wrist Medical Digital Blood Pressure Monitor FIND YOUR PRODUCT! A VERY HIGH FACE MASKS WINDPROOF - REUSABLE Green Shoots Dust proof Cotton Face Masks Windproof Resuable Mouth Muffle 3 Grey Green Shoots Dust proof Cotton Face Masks Windproof Resuable Mouth Muffle 2 White Green Shoots Dust proof Cotton Face Masks Windproof Resuable Mouth Muffle 1 Black SPECIAL OFFER - SHOP NOW CLEAN HANDS VARIOUS HAND CLEANSERS CHECK OUT NEW COLLECTION! Green Shoots Automatic Induction Dispenser Touch Free Sanitizer Dispenser 1


Digital ThermometersPortable OLED Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Monitor13430ProtectedPPE
Digital ThermometersOLED Display Finger Fingertip Blood Pulse Oximeter4000Magubanes
Digital ThermometersRechargeable USB Fingertip Pulse Oximeter7000Cleansed
Digital ThermometersOximeter Finger Blood Oxygen Saturation Pulse Clip3200Safety1st
Digital ThermometersHome Medical Finger Oximeter Oxygen Saturation Monitor1230ProtectedPPE
Digital ThermometersFingertip Oximeter Measuring Blood Oxygen9120MarkJohnson
Digital ThermometersMulti-Purpose Non-Contact Digital Forehead Thermometer4100Magubanes
Digital ThermometersMedical Blood Pressure Monitor & Finger Pulse Oximeter & Body Thermometer3200Cleansed
Digital ThermometersInfrared Thermometer Pyrometer Industrial Temperature Meter3200Safety1st
Digital ThermometersInfrared Thermometer Non-Contact LCD Digital Display2100ProtectedPPE
Digital ThermometersInfrared Forehead gun with LCD Display800Safety1st
Face MasksDust-proof Cotton Face Masks Windproof Resuable Mouth Muffle8000Magubanes
Protective Goggles, Face MasksSafety, splash proof, labor protection glasses8000ProtectedPPE
UncategorizedKN95 3D Protective Facemask7998Safety1st
Face MasksEfficiency 95% PFE Surgical 3ply Facemask9000ProtectedPPE
Face MasksKN95 Face Mask Activated Carbon Filter Breathebale17000MarkJohnson
Face MasksKN95 Face Mask Anti Dust N95 Mask 4-Layer18000Magubanes
Face MasksKN95 Face Mask PM2.5 Anti-fog Strong Protective12000Safety1st
Face MasksKN95 Mask 94% Filtration 6-Layer Face Mask19000Safety1st
Face Masks > Protective GogglesEye Protection Work Eyewear Clear Protective Safety Anti-fog Goggles5000ProtectedPPE
Face Masks > Protective GogglesFoldable Adjustable Safe Safety Goggles12000MarkJohnson
Face Masks > Protective GogglesOutdoor Protective Glasses Safety Protection Anti-fog Anti-splash10000Magubanes
Face Masks > Protective GogglesSafety Goggles Glasses Eye Protection Work Anti Dust Clear Lens9000Cleansed
Protective Wear > Protective GlovesDisposable Gloves Protective Gloves Lip Eyebrow15000Safety1st
Protective Wear > Protective GlovesDisposable Gloves Waterproof Rubber Protective Gloves9000ProtectedPPE
Protective Wear > Protective GlovesDisposable Latex Nitrile Gloves6000MarkJohnson
Protective Wear > Protective GlovesGloves Micro-bomb Thickened PVC Gloves8000Magubanes
Protective Wear > Protective GlovesRubber Comfortable Disposable Mechanic PVC Gloves9000Cleansed
Protective WearAnti-Virus Safety Coverall Isolation Suit Disposable Washable900Safety1st
Protective WearCoverall Disposable Anti-epidemic Antibacterial Isolation Suit2300ProtectedPPE
Protective WearDisposable One-Piece Isolation Suit1200MarkJohnson
Protective WearDisposable Protective Isolation Clothing Anti-Spitting6000Magubanes
Protective WearHazmat Suit Anti-Virus Protection3000ProtectedPPE
Disposable Medical CapsDisposable Doctors Nurses Hat Non-woven Work Cap9000Safety1st
Disposable Medical CapsDisposable Hair Cap Non-woven Dust Cap50000ProtectedPPE
Disposable Medical CapsHair Net Cap Bouffant Disposable Caps40000MarkJohnson
Disposable Medical CapsThickened Plastic Disposable Caps11000Magubanes
SanitizersDisposable Rinse Free Hand Sanitizer Portable1500Cleansed
SanitizersGel Hand Sanitiser Sanitizer Alcohol Based Antibacterial1300Safety1st
SanitizersHand Sanitizer Gel Instant Advanced Hand Sanitizer3000ProtectedPPE
SanitizersHand Sanitizer Gel Instant Advanced Natural Hand Sanitizer3005MarkJohnson
SanitizersAntibacterial Disinfecting Wipes6008Magubanes
Face ShieldsFace Shield Mask with Sponge Dental Protective490Cleansed
Face ShieldsFull Face Shield Clear Glasses Protector Anti-Fog0Safety1st
Face ShieldsProtective Full Transparent Face Shield Visor6000ProtectedPPE
Face ShieldsReusable Transparent Anti-fog Mask10000MarkJohnson
Face ShieldsDetachable Anti-spitting Face Protective Hat0Magubanes
SanitizersAutomatic Induction Dispenser Touch-Free Sanitizer Dispenser900Cleansed
SanitizersUV Mask Sanitizer Cell Phone Sterilizer Aromatherapy Function Disinfector530Safety1st
SanitizersAutomatic Sensor Foam Dispenser Wall Mounted For Home Office Bathroom4200ProtectedPPE
SanitizersLED Hands Free Stainless Steel Automatic Soap Dispenser Motion Sensor400ProtectedPPE


Green Shoots doctor uses infrared thermometer gun check body temperature

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